Maintaining Your Garden

If you are looking at purchasing new wood or logs for your garden, chances are you take pride in how it functions and how it looks. Garden maintenance, therefore, is probably very important to you. Here at Logs West Midlands, we take pride in our customer experience and ensure that we always have top quality products to help in your garden maintenance. In this blog post, we take a look at some garden maintenance tips that can help preserve the life of your wood and logging.

1. Insects

Insects get everywhere in gardens. Most of the time, we welcome them. But there are occasions when we do not. Right alongside the aphids and slugs are insects that eat through your wooden furniture and logging, including termites, carpenter ants and powderpost beetles. Most of these insects are easy to repel with wood treatment or insect repellent, but it is a good job to look out for them, especially if your wood installation is only a few months old.

2. Vegetable and flower beds

Depending on the type of vegetables or flowers you grow, it might be worth looking into having wood chippings to cover the vegetable or flower beds. The benefits are more than just cosmetic. Having a layer of wood or bark chips over your beds can stop rain damage. Some top soils are very easily washed away or displaced, especially early in the growing season, and so having some wood chips acting as rain blockers can really make a difference. What's more, if you replace the chips every year the decomposed chips from the previous year will be busy enriching the soil whilst the new ones are settling in.

3. Sprucing up borders

Logs can be used to spruce up your existing, or indeed non-existent borders. Whether you are sectioning off part of your garden to grow vegetables or trying to create barriers between your children and your flowers, using logs for borders can be a great way of doing so without the environmental impact of using unsustainable materials.

These are just a few ways that logs and wood can help with your garden maintenance!


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