How to create decorative features in your garden with logs

Logs are not just for firewood; you can also use them to create a number of beautiful decorative features in your garden. For the environmentally friendly, logs are a great resource for creating decorative features. Forget the use of heavy plastics or harsh metals, logs offer not only a friendlier way to decorate your garden but also a more cost effective one too. Here we look at a few ideas for making log features in your garden:

1. Runners, borders and flower beds

If you grow vegetables or flowers in your garden, as so many of us do, you might have thought about creating a more aesthetic and natural way to set boundaries for your flower beds, vegetable patches, or path ways. Lining these areas of your garden with logs, either in their larger form as supplied or split again into smaller pieces, can be a great way to do this. Easy to install and cheap to replace, these borders not only look good but they save you money too.

2. Low level fencing

One level up from runners are low level fences. These come around 0.5 – 2 ft in height and can be layered back for as thick a fence as you need. Building your fences out of logs gives a very natural and rustic look to your garden, and using hardwood means that you can expect your fences to last.

3. Furniture

Some of the most stunning garden furniture is made from the very things that grow in our gardens; the trees! Benches are very common and are often seen as show pieces in gardening magazines. Also quite common are tables or small drinks stands.


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