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The attendance at Logs West Midlands’ open day on 17 May was well up on last year. Visitors had the opportunity to spend the day talking with the team, and seeing what is involved in the production process of the items on sale. LWM only use locally sourced timber – 80% coming from sustainable sources – which has earned them an enviable reputation.


As well as organising demonstrations of the various pieces of machinery used for production, Stan and Rosanne had invited a number of complementary trade stands to attend. Some were on hand to offer advice and information relating to the burning of woodfuel or the management of woodland; others included expert craftsmen demonstrating their skills. Much to the delight of the youngsters (and some ladies) the Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service turned up to offer advice and answer any questions visitors might have.


The various demonstrations of firewood processors, kindling machines and splitters kept the staff busy and the visitors engaged. Many questions were asked of the staff, who all showed their expert knowledge of all aspects of firewood production. Gone are the days of an axe and a chopping block, and many visitors were surprised at just how mechanised the production of firewood has become. Many had not appreciated the financial investment required to produce that tonne of logs that turns up at their door. It’s that investment that differentiates the professional firewood merchant from the cowboy and ensures that the product delivered is of the very best quality.


The next investment LWM will be making towards even better quality production will be a kiln drying system. They are currently working with suppliers to source the best system for their needs; they have found some systems that appear to be overspecified and are keen to have a simple design that does the job effectively. This will enable them to produce an even cleaner bag, all year round. Rosanne told me, “Producing quality dry wood up to Christmas is spot on; then it gets more difficult. We do manage it, but the kiln will make it easier. We want to continue to build on our reputation for always delivering quality.”


With regard to machinery, Stan told me, “Our next purchase will probably be aimed at small-scale forestry, such as a mini forwarding trailer for working with landowners who wish to get their woods back under control.”


A large growth area for the company has been the LWM ground maintenance and gardening division, which has seen a steady growth in business coming from large-scale domestic and commercial customers. LWM also offer a full tree surgery service.


Visitors were lucky that the sun shone all day, and, as they departed carrying their goody bags, it was clear that a good day was had by all. Well done to all the team for their hard work in making it such a success.


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Anne Berry


stand-and-rosanne-howes Stan and Rosanne Howes pictured at the end of a long day. Their hard work and planning made the open day a great success.


Colin Cross of Bewdley-based CRC Ecology Ltd, pictured with an 8-tonne Yammar V1075 360 excavator with forestry grab/rotator on rubber tracks.


Specialising in the creation and management of the natural environment, the company uses only low-impact machinery. They are involved in many wetland and heathland restoration projects round the country and also operate as a subcontractor to other ecological consultancies, carrying out work to remove invasive trees. They also undertake planting for landowners; this last year has seen them plant over 20,000 native trees.


The 360 excavator, fitted with an extension arm for longer reach, is great for moving brash and large quantities of timber out of hard-to-reach loca-tions. Prior to this conversion the machine would have had to be moved much more frequently - not ideal in sensitive areas. As there were not enough hydraulics on the joystick, a solenoid switchover was added to allow the grab to work off a foot pedal. The same pedal is used to grab or rotate at the flick of a switch.

lucas-mill Demonstrations of the Lucas mill showed visitors just how quickly and efficiently it is possible to cut large dimension lumber.



The Spaltknecht 900 horizontal splitter has proved to be invaluable for split-ting larger timber, to enable it to be put through the firewood processor.


Dave Young (pictured left) said, "As long as the timber is 4 feet long, the 900 can split any diameter of wood."


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