Autumn leaves

Nat King Cole once sang about those "lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer" and it's great to enjoy them, but the shorter and cooler days of autumn will sadly follow. It may be a great time of year for misty morning walks or the last barbecue of the season. Of course, it's also when you look to prepare your garden to fight its way through the forthcoming winter.



It's also a great time to think about using our professional services to carry out all this maintenance work for you. Have a look around and see what needs to be done. Often it's the things you don't think about that require the greatest attention. During the summer, you notice the flowers in bloom but perhaps don't see that the hedges seem to be making a concentrated effort to turn into trees. The trees themselves are quite sneaky. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, they head both outwards towards your neighbour's property and upwards towards the heavens at a steady pace.


Your lawn may have suffered a fair bashing through summer pleasure – especially with these long, hot, dry spells we have been lucky enough to enjoy. Perhaps all the annuals you lovingly planted are coming to the end of their life and need to be cleared away and the ground prepared to over-winter and be ready for next year's planting plan that is already starting to form in your mind.


The pond may be needing a thorough clean out as well, bringing any straggly marginals back under control and making sure the water remains clean, clear and healthy for any fish or other wildlife that rely on it to help them survive the winter.


Across the area, from Bewdley to Stourport, Kidderminster to Wyre Forest and elsewhere, our professional team are ready to spring into action to get your garden ready for autumn. Incidentally, as our name suggests, we're also a terrific resource for the logs to keep the homefires burning as the temperatures cool!


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