Ground maintenance to help your garden grow

Whether lawns and gardens at a home or the grounds of a business or organisation, everyone wants their premises to look its best. But making sure natural areas are in top condition at all times takes a lot of time and effort, and many people find it hard to keep up, especially in the peak growing season.


That's why more and more people are turning to the ground maintenance services to care for their gardens and grounds, and here at Logs West Midlands we've got a dedicated team that works in Kidderminster and right around Worcestershire and further beyond.


You may want some help, for instance, with your flower beds. They require frequent weeding and sometimes spraying as well as sowing, transplanting or replanting; processes that can be tricky but are expertly handled by ground maintenance professionals. Many firms offering such services do so on a one-off basis, if you've just got one or two things that need doing, or on a contractual basis, so your grounds are tended to year-round.


If you've got trees on your residential or commercial property, especially towering ones, you'll want to ensure they're adequately maintained so that branches are not causing obstructions or in danger of crashing down when winter storms come. It's beneficial to schedule at least an annual survey by ground maintenance experts so your trees are looked after and you have peace of mind.


Hedges and shrubs also need to be maintained, because during the summer months they can grow at astounding rates, possibly encroaching on neighbours' properties or onto footpaths. Pruning them back on a regular basis is essential to safety as well as ensuring the health and longevity of the plants themselves.


If you're planning to give your lawn, garden or grounds an overhaul and are wondering how to landscape it, ground maintenance staff can advise on the best look and the right kind of plants for the area, as well as suggesting, and maintaining, any water features.


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