Take Advantage Of Our Blazing Offer.


The nights are drawing in on us rapidly as the season of Autumn gets well under way. So here at Logs West Midlands we have been thinking of a way for you all to warm up and keep cosy on these drab and dreary nights. We have come up with an offer too good to miss on our Blazers Fuel Logs. 


Blazers are fire briquettes which are made of 100% compressed wood chippings. They contain no additives as they are made from 100% Natural Virgin wood. All of the wood is sourced from the UK and is FSC. Blazers Fuel Logs give a lovely natural flame in your open fire or wood burning stove, and whats more they give off a tremendous amount of heat. Another advantage is that they produce less tar, which will mean you will have a cleaner chimney. With Blazers Fuel Logs, you have no sparks or spitting so you and your pets, if you have any, can get up close and enjoy the fire without getiing singed.  


Blazers Fuel logs are a HETAS approved Fuel and each bag contains the HETAS Quality Assurance logo. They are Environmentally Friendly and produce less CO2 emissions due to constantly burning at a high temperature, plus the remaining ash can be used as a nutritious fertiliser. There are 5 logs in a 10kg pack and we reccommend that they are broken up to your required size. This can easily be done by dropping the onto the ground. Please mind your toes!

Interesting Fact.

1000 kg of Blazers Fule logs are equivalent to approx. 4-5 m3 of  seasoned hardwood.




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