Festive firewood

At Logs West Midlands, we’re happy to provide everything you need to keep your fires burning this Christmas, and with the cold winter nights coming in, what could be better to add to your festive environment than a roaring fire, and the sound of crackling kindling? Logs West Midlands can bring all your firewood needs to your home, as we deliver throughout the midlands. We already serve many homes throughout Bewdley, Stourport, Kidderminster, and the Wyre Forest. It’s not just logs we deliver either – we can bring logs, kindling and coal.

Being experts in firewood, we hate to see so many real Christmas trees going to waste once the festive season is over. Is your household lucky enough to have a real Christmas tree this year? Is it going straight to the council recycling centre when you’re finished with it? Don’t let it go to waste when it could be used as fuel. Pine in this natural state is an untreated softwood which will leak a sticky residue when burned, so it’s not suitable for putting on the fires in your house, but it’s great for outside bonfires and fire pits.

First of all, take it outside, unless you want pine needles all over your house. Choose a tool of your choice for cutting the branches off the main trunk of the tree. Remember that the branches near the base of the trunk will be the densest, so get the hard work done first and chop through those. Keep your cuts as close to the trunk as you can.

If you’re a keen craftsman or woman, the branches can be used for weaving baskets or structures, but will probably be too spindly to burn. These can be turned into a nutritious compost if you can find a tree recycling point.

Once you’ve removed all the branches, you should be left with one relatively straight trunk, which you can chop into logs with an axe, chainsaw, or hand saw. Store the logs somewhere dry until you’re ready to use them. They’ll be ready for summer, the season of the charcoal BBQ. Did we mention we deliver firelighters to get your BBQ started, too?

If you feel we could help you, or would like to ask for some free advice, please call 01299 250 380 or use our contact form [http://www.logswestmidlands.co.uk/contact-us.html] and someone will get back to you.


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