Improve your property's value with a Wood Burning Stove

At Logs West Midlands we believe there are a multitude of benefits to owning a wood burning stove; not only do they serve as an ecologically responsible method of heating your home but they can also save you a great deal of money on your household energy bills in the long term. Now although you may already be aware of these financial and environmental benefits, did you know that wood burning stoves such as charcoal fireplaces, BBQ units and other instalments fuelled by natural resources can actually increase the value of your home? In fact, according to recent statistics, installing a wood burning stove or a feature charcoal fireplace within your home can add up to 5% to its overall property value!

The reason why wood-burning stoves can play such a crucial role in the overall value of your property is because in recent years, these types of environmentally friendly heating sources have become increasingly popular character features in both urban and rural properties. With household energy bills gradually increasing over the past few decades, homeowners have started to favour traditional heating units which utilise natural resources such as logs and kindling to fuel their properties during the cold winter months. At Logs West Midlands, all of our firewood has been sourced from locally managed woodland and arboricultural arisings in Bewdley, Stourport, Kidderminster and the Wyre Forest. Consequently, by investing in homes which contain wood-burning stoves, homeowners can achieve peace of mind that they are supporting local environmental conservation projects.

Moreover, even if you have been planning on renting your home rather than selling it, wood-burning stoves have also been shown to be appealing property features for prospective tenants. As lettings manager Shirley Kenyon explains;

“Tenants always look for value for money and are very savvy when it comes to the costs involved in running a home and the potential savings they can make. They see the effective use of wood burning stoves and open fires as a popular way of cutting heating costs and creating a warm and cosy home".

Ultimately, whether you have already installed a wood-burning stove within your property or if you have been considering doing so, as more residents discover the benefits of these heating resources, owning a wood-burning stove or feature charcoal fireplace could significantly improve your property prospects in the coming years!


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